Introduction thinking

February 27, 2008

Thinking: why?what?

It is estimated that we have over 50000 thoughts a day-positive, negative, frightening enlightening or just crazy thoughts. They can be triggered by:

Flashbacks (memory) and visual images.

Words, snippets of conversation (even from childhood).

Familiar and unfamiliar objects, scenes, patterns, problems, tasks and people.

Emotions-curiosity, anxiety, regret, anger, sadness and simple doing nothing.

sometimes we thoughts or they simply leap into our minds unexpectedly. we accept, question, challenge or discard them. some tumble around in confusion, become exaggerated and irrational, causing anxiety and mental paralysis.

Thinks is healthy. We need to think to understand, to learn and to progress, and to collect and assimilate information before deciding waht to do with it.

But, the thinking process needs to be managed and channelled constructively.



February 25, 2008

My name is Qiu Yu/G73583. I come from ningxia province of China. I’m older than my classmates, because i’v been abroad in Pakistan for about 2 years, some thing wrong with my visa, so i waste time there. Now i come to Malaysia for one and half years, i’m very happy here, i can view beautiful sight, make lots good friends and taste different food, also i like the weather here, not like China have 4 seasons, and stay here i care my skin very well!

Most of us don’t want be the teacher, but we chose this course is not little useful, is for our future, we also can do other jobs in different areas, such as translaters, company managers, but i want to be a translater in any business companys.

Hello world!

February 10, 2008

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